National links: This LA-area school used kids to protest a subway project

A school in Beverly Hills has gotten into hot water for using students to protest a subway project. All those bankrupt Sears buildings leave a lot of empty space in malls across the US. While most of the town of Mexico Beach was wiped away, this one house was left standing mostly unscathed.

Our 2018 endorsements for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in Ward 3

Separated from most of the city by Rock Creek Park, Ward 3 is the western corner of the District. Known for both its beautiful neighborhoods and wealthy enclaves, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions here have seen lots of bitter arguments over new development and change.

Why won’t Loudoun County’s terrible zombie Potomac Bridge proposal die?

Last month, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to endorse two potential crossing points for a new highway bridge over the Potomac River. While the vote was largely symbolic, the supervisors approved two corridors for the project, both near Bles Park Drive, a residential arterial road which parallels Broad Run as it nears the Potomac River.

Nobody is on the ballot in 15 ANC races. Will you be?

We’ve recently written a lot about candidates in Advisory Neighborhood Commission races all over DC. In 15 districts, no candidates filed petitions to get on the ballot, but people can run as write-in candidates. If you’re running, let us know! Or do you live in one of these empty districts? Consider running!

Here are the answers to whichWMATA week 131

On Tuesday, we featured the 130th challenge to see how well you know the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do? This week, we got 35 guesses. 23 of you got all five. Great work, everyone!

Join our Neighborhood discussions – be our Neighbor!

Tunnels. Barry Farm. Metro’s ridership declines. What “YIMBY” means. These are some of the topics our Neighbors have discussed recently on the discussion group for the GGWash Neighborhood. Won’t you be our neighbor and join the discussion?

Tenants in Brightwood Park are refusing to pay rent in their decrepit building

Residents at a Brightwood Park building say their apartments are infested with bugs and rodents and badly needs maintenance, but instead of making fixes, the landlord is trying to raise rent. Now some tenants are refusing to pay until conditions are better.

Nowhere to “go”: DC’s growing need for 24/7 public restrooms

“We need public restrooms” is the growing cry among advocates, public officials, visitors and citizens alike. The People for Fairness Coalition’s Downtown DC Public Restroom Committee has been championing the need for clean, safe, accessible and available public restrooms.

Proposed DC Comp Plan language prioritizes affordable housing and preventing displacement

It’s been almost seven months since the epic spring hearing on the DC Comprehensive Plan, a planning and land use document that guides how the city will grow for years to come. Yesterday, the DC Office of Planning (OP) released an “additional assessment” of the bill under consideration and offers new suggested language to the DC Council.

Election links: Divisive down the homestretch

Mayor Bowser injects "divisiveness" into DC's at-large election, Marc Elrich and Nancy Floreen are two sides of the same anti-urban coin, Democratic Socialists are targeting ANCs, Arlington debates what to do about corporate vacancies, and more in our election link roundup.

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