National links: High-speed trains could replace plane travel in the Green New Deal

The proposed Green New Deal wants to reduce plane travel and increase trips by high-speed train. Atlanta's plan to cap three-quarters of a mile of downtown freeway with green space is moving forward. Swiss voters have rejected a plan to limit sprawl over concerns it would worsten its housing shortage.

Ask GGWash: Why doesn’t Metro have timed transfers?

Hi GGWash, I have a question about timed transfers. When I lived in the Bay Area and used BART, the system there had timed transfers at stations. At certain stops, you could walk across the platform to a waiting train on a different line. Neither train would leave until riders had the opportunity to transfer. Why doesn't Metro have this?

Three ways bikeshare can be more equitable in DC

Bikesharing has gained popularity in US cities as concerns about health, congestion, and climate change have increased. In 2010, the DC Department of Transportation introduced the first city-operated bikesharing system in North America. Since then, Capital Bikeshare users have generated millions of rides, but use and station placement varies around the city.

Here are the answers to whichWMATA week 137

On Tuesday, we featured the 137th challenge to see how well you know the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

Amid local resistance, Amazon nixes its plans for a headquarters in New York

Amazon released a statement on its blog Thursday, February 14 saying it will not pursue a second headquarters in the Long Island City neighborhood in New York City. The announcement follows resistance from local politicians and activists who said they opposed the $2.8 billion incentive package offered to the internet retailer.

A neighborhood spat over parking in south Arlington illustrates deeper fissures

Residents in Arlington Mill and Forest Glen in Virginia have been arguing over the latter neighborhood's street parking restrictions for years. For a variety of reasons, Arlington Mill has little parking available so residents often park in ajoining Forest Glen, which has it in more abundance.

Neighbor spotlight: “Learn something unique and ridiculously arcane” about Metro

David Breisch loves GGWash because it helps him “learn something unique and ridiculously arcane” about the Metro system. We take that as a compliment! He’s hopeful about the urbanist future of his neighborhood of Fort Totten, and when he’s not working as the Director of Marketing Technology for Destinations International, he volunteers as a WABA ambassador.

Send some urbanist love to your valentine with these nerdy cards

If you're still looking for a way to show your friends and significant others some love this Valentine's Day, we've got you covered.

DDOT wants to hear from you about new bicycle lane rules

The DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) is inviting public comments on a proposal to change regulations affecting bicycle lanes and motor vehicles. DDOT proposed regulations that would make a few broad changes that specifically address bicycle lanes.

How to build an accessory apartment from start to finish

“Where do I even start?!” is the first question I hear from people when it comes to building accessory apartments, also known as Additional Dwelling Units or ADUs. Here's a step-by-step list outlining how to bring your accessory apartment from dream to reality.

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