Hey WaPo, it’s not a debate: we need more homes

Recently the Washington Post published an article entitled “In expensive cities, rents fall for the rich - but rise for the poor.” With a headline like that, it’s easy for opponents of YIMBYism (which broadly calls upon expensive cities to build more homes) to declare victory. But YIMBYism isn’t wrong — we’re just letting the margins dominate this debate.

Four lessons from riding a scooter on a longer trip

Scooters are great for short trips, but what about trips of a few miles? I tried, and learned these lessons. 

Prince George’s new mixed-use zones need one thing: more homes

As part of its effort to create a new, modern zoning ordinance to replace its bloated and antiquated half-century-old code, Prince George’s County is proposing a series of new mixed-use zones for its suburban town centers to encourage more development around transit. That’s good news — but if these new zones are going to thrive, they need to include more homes.

These five R’s can help DC reduce its trash

Thoughtfully managing waste at a household level is an important component of keeping our city clean, and it's easier than you think.

Video: DC’s pop up bus lane gets national attention

This summer the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) installed a temporary bus lane on Rhode Island Avenue NE to help move both regular buses and shuttle buses faster while that section of the Red Line is shut down. Inspired by the quick turnaround, national bus advocacy organization TransitCenter made a video about the project.

Despite its earlier promise, Metro gave white supremacists special treatment

Metro brought white supremacists downtown to the Unite the Right 2 rally in what was functionally a private railcar on Sunday, August 13, despite earlier statements saying it wouldn't provide special trains or cars to rallygoers.

Events: Join GGWash and Kristen Jeffers at YIMBYtown 2018

The YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) movement is growing and increasingly gaining national attention. There are more than 100 groups around the world joining the effort to promote zoning and land use laws that support building more homes in urban areas facing housing affordability challenges. Want to meet some of them? Join GGWash at YIMBYtown 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts September 20-23.

What does a regional trail network in Washington actually look like?

Trails like Four-Mile Run in Arlington; the Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis in Prince George’s County; and the Marvin Gaye Trail in Washington all help people stay active, connect neighborhoods and workplaces, and support sustainable modes of transportation. Unfortunately, most of the time jurisdictions build their own trails without considering the greater network they feed into.

Photo Friday: No water in the fountain

Enjoy our favorite new images submitted by some of our favorite GGWash photo contributors.

National links: Transit agencies and ride hailing companies — best frenemies?

More and more transit agencies are partnering with ride hailing companies, but there are still concerns about the latter's impact on transit. San Franciso is getting a glorious new transit terminal. How the ancient Roman Vitruvius helped shape the way modern cities are designed.

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