Breakfast links: Metro vows to improve worker safety after reviews reveal issues

Internal Metro reviews show worker safety issues

A host of problems with worker safety were revealed in a set of internal Metro reviews that were recently made public. Incomplete inspection records in some areas, complete lack of inspection efforts in others — the list goes on.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

The Anacostia River scores a passing grade on its health check

For the first time in a decade, the Anacostia River has passed an annual health check with a D or a 63% grade. Moving up this much from last year's 49% was a huge improvement.  (Marissa J. Lang / Post)

A shuttered Macy’s gets new life as a homeless shelter in Alexandria

A former Macy's department store in the Landmark Mall in Alexandria has been converted into a homeless shelter with 60 beds. While the surrounding mall is undergoing redevelopment planning, the temporary shelter was offered free rent until 2019.  (Michael Corkery / NYT)

Clarendon Circle could start a safety overhaul this fall

Long-awaited improvements to the dangerous "Clarendon Circle" intersection could start as early at this fall. A vote to approve the $2.5 million contract for the plan is expected to pass this Saturday.  (Alex Koma / ARLnow)

Montgomery looks to improve safety at a popular Capital Crescent Trail crossing

Montgomery County held a meeting last night to poll public opinion on how to improve a popular crossing for the Capital Crescent Trail where it meets Little Falls Parkway in Bethesda. The County wants a permanant safety solution.  (Dick Uliano / WTOP)

Amtrak expands its cafe car service

Amtrak has expanded its cafe car menu for riders on the Northeast Corridor. In addition to the original hot dogs and pizza, they are now offering more healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (Jeff Claubaugh / WTOP)

Boring Company wins the bid to develop Chicago’s O’Hare express train

Elon Musk's company has won the bid to develop O'Hare International's high speed express train. The project, which will be entirely funded by the Boring Company, aims to reduce the current 40-minute ride from downtown Chicago to the airport to under 20 minutes.  (Sarah McBride / Bloomberg)

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