Breakfast links: Construction season can be dangerous for people walking

Bethesda construction is closing sidewalks and making walking unsafe

Construction on major Bethesda roads has blocked off sidewalks on Wisconsin Avenue, Woodmont Avenue, and Del Ray Avenue. Pedestrians there can be faced with the option of crossing a busy road without a traffic signal, or walking in the street to get past the blockage.  (Bethany Rodgers / Bethesda Beat)

What’s happening with Reservation 13?

Hill East neighbors are upset about an undeveloped plot of land called Reservation 13 which the DC mayor unexpectedly pitched as a potential place for the Amazon headquarters. Some residents have been wanting shops there for a long time.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

A big day for the Caps and for Metro

On Tuesday Metro saw over 800,000 riders as fans came downtown for the Capitals victory parade. Metro will also be selling a commemorative Stanley Cup SmarTrip card, as they promised Caps player TJ Oshie.  (Dana Hedgpeth / Post, Martin Austermuhle / WAMU)

Riders spotted a deer inside a Metro station

WMATA published video of a deer prancing down the Crystal City platform Tuesday morning. It found its way in after walking down the tunnel from the airport, and later left the same way after startling several waiting commuters.  (Rachel Sadon / DCist)

Amazon is building a data center at Waterside in Loudoun

Amazon will put a data center in a new planned development in Sterling that also includes housing, office space, retail, and a hotel around a lake. The site is currently an active quarry, but will be closed and converted starting this year.  (Michael Neibauer / WBJ)

Arlington wants to get its buses back on track this week

Transit officials hope that ART buses will be running normally this week. Last week several trips were delayed or cancelled across 12 routes in the ART system as the county repaired mechanical issues found during a safety inspection.  (Melanie Pincus / ARLnow)

Virginia is considering expanding HOT lanes on 495

The Virginia Department of Transportation announced that they may extend existing "dynamic tolling" lanes on 495 to the American Legion Bridge. Adding the lanes would require expanding the highway, though it is not clear how much land VDOT would use.  (Inside NoVA)

Cities need to bring back shared living, author argues

Tens of thousands of people are on waitlists for public or affordable housing in the US. In the face of this housing crunch, cities should reconsider how people can live in shared housing and legalize and encourage alternatives to single-family homes, the author argues.  (Diana Lind / NYT)

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