Breakfast links: To ease traffic, business leaders want tolls from Richmond to Baltimore

Calls for a network of tolls around the region to ease traffic

Powerful business leaders at the Greater Washington Partnership are pushing for more toll lanes from Richmond to Baltimore, and for Maryland's rules to match those for Virginia’s I-495 Express Lanes. They hope the tolls will ease traffic congestion.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

First Pepco, now Qatar will pay to keep the Metro open late

The government of Qatar will pay to keep Metro open an hour later for this Thursday's Capitals hockey game, at the cost of $100,000.  (Scott Allen and Matt Bonesteel / Post)

Arlington residents are fitter than DC residents

According to the American Fitness Index which evaluates cities on qualitative and quantitative data of 33 health behaviors, Arlington ranked first and DC third nationally. Arlington residents also reported a higher sense of well-being.   (Lara McCoy / WAMU)

Seat Pleasant, MD is working on its master plan

Seat Pleasant is developing a master plan to guide its future growth, economic development, and prosperity. It hasn't been updated in over 18 years. The plan will focus on valuable resources like underutilized land near Metro.  (Bradley Heard / Prince George's Urbanist)

New DC monuments won’t be built any time soon

A few new monuments are in the pipeline for DC: the National World War I Memorial, National Desert Storm Memorial, and National Global War on Terrorism memorial. All monuments have been proposed but are at various stages of locking down funding and locations.  (Marc Ferris / Washingtonian)

Rocketship Rise charter school won’t rise in Ward 5

Low enrollment in the new Ward 5 campus made the California Network Charter School abandon plans, and 22 of the students who did enroll will now have to find another school. In 2013, DC voted to allow Rocketship to open eight schools in DC; they currently have two.  (Rachel M. Cohen / City Paper)

There are concerns over a toll lane facility planned for I-66

A planned toll lane facility on I-66 near the interchange with Route 123 hasn't been discussed in public meetings. Chairman of Supervisors, Sharon Bulova, raised concerns that the facility may impact adjacent residential areas.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

California’s pro-housing bill defeat masks a wider YIMBY wave

Despite the recent defeat of SB 827, California’s ambitious pro-housing bill, there are campaigns underway across the US to boost new transit-oriented housing that should give “Yes In My Backyard” supporters, or YIMBYs, hope.  (Nolan Gray / CityLab)

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