Breakfast links: Bike to work tomorrow — it’s really good for your health

UK study finds major health benefits in bike commuting

A major UK study involving 260,000 commuters found that bike (and pedestrian) commuters had significantly lower mortality rates than everyone else. Risk of heart disease was almost half that of sedentary commuters, as was likelihood of getting cancer.  (Casey Brazeal / Planetizen)

Whistleblower says the company knew concrete for the Silver Line was faulty

In a lawsuit unsealed yesterday in court, a whistleblower claims the company that created the concrete panels made for use in the Silver Line expansion knew the panels were a safety hazard, covered up the evidence, and used the panels anyway.  (Lori Aratani and Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

Apple scouts North Virginia for new expansion

While Amazon's hunt for a home for HQ2 has been the focus of everyone's attention, Apple has likewise been scouting North Virginia for a major expansion. Apple's plans are roughly half the size of Amazon's, potentially bringing 20,000 jobs.  (Jonathan O’Connell / Post)

Metro’s deal with Qatar hits a snag, leaving playoff fans in transit limbo

The deal for Qatar to foot the $100,000 bill to keep Metro running after tonight's Game 4 for the Capitals may not pan out. The board continues to work towards confirming the deal, but Chairman Jack Evans issued a plea for "somebody in the region to step up."  (Jack Pointer, Kate Ryan / WTOP)

The state of Louisiana Avenue’s long-awaited bike lane

Despite three years of efforts, the Louisiana Avenue Protected Bike Lane project has stalled because the former Senate Sergeant at Arms objected to the potential loss of a handful of parking spaces. There is a new Sergeant at Arms, so perhaps there is renewed hope?  (Garrett Hennigan / WABA)

Huntington Metro’s escalator canopy is delayed by a year

Once again, the Huntington Metro station's project to add a canopy to an outdoor escalator has hit a snag, this time in the form of a year-long delay. The $2.5 million canopy, which was supposed to be completed this spring, has been pushed back to the summer of 2019.  (CoveringTheCorridor)

Dulles Toll Road may see a $1.25 price hike in 2019

New financial documents from MWAA show a $1.25 increase (to a total of $4.75) in the common toll plaza + 1 ramp transaction for users of the Dulles Toll Road starting in 2019. The price is planned to stay that way until 2022, when it will increase again to $6.  (Lori Aratani / Post)

Washington Dulles prospects improve as costs fall

Costs for airlines are falling and passenger numbers are up at Washington Dulles, begetting additional new service to the airport to El Salvador, London, and Hong Kong. This comes after a prolonged period of traffic decline at the airport.  (Flight Global)

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