Breakfast links: Trump may sell off local airports to fund his infrastructure plan

Trump wants to sell Dulles and National airports

President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan that includes rebuilding highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, and hospitals could in part be funded by selling federal assets — like two of the region's airports: Dulles and Reagan.  (Jacob Fenston / WAMU)

What Trump’s infrastructure plan means for Metro

Proposed federal funding changes for Metro eliminate $30 million from Metro's previous $150 million federal subsidy. The administration made clear this is only the beginning of a decline in federal funding for Metro.  (Robert McCartney / Post)

Trump’s plan to sell off parkways could mean tolls and waterfront development

Trump's infrastructure plan suggests selling off federal assets, including local roads like the George Washington Memorial Parkway. With private companies at the helm, that could mean tolls for thousands of daily commuters as well as development along the waterfront.  (Katie Arcieri / WBJ)

Trump doesn’t want to help pay for DC kids to go to college

DC's tuition assistance grant program gives DC kids in college $10,000 per year to help pay for college. The grant helps account for the lack of public university options in the District. Trump wants to cut its entire budget in 2019.  (Martin Austermuhle / WAMU)

Uber is adding a mandatory break for drivers

A new update by Uber to combat drowsiness and to be in line with taxi driver regulations will now enforce a six-hour mandatory break period after 12 cumulative hours of driving.   (Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

A pilot of self-driving cars in DC might be in the works

The Southwest Business Improvement District is requesting information for a possible pilot of self driving cars near L'enfant plaza. Mayor Boswer also established an interagency autonomous vehicle working group yesterday.  (Nena Perry-Brown / Urban Turf)

The DC Council wants to protect your home from your neighbor’s bad renovation

If passed, the Substandard Construction Relief Amendment Act of 2018 would order shoddy renovations that are not up to code or illegal to be repaired, or have restitution paid to the neighboring property owner.  (Nena Perry-Brown / Urban Turf)

Mayor Bowser made a toolkit for black prosperity

Rapid development and economic growth has left many of DC's African-Americans residents behind or displaced. A new toolkit that targets residents, senior citizens, families, and business owners puts vital resources all in one place.  (Christina Sturdivant-Sani / Afro)

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