Breakfast links: Metro moves closer to refunding fares for late trains

Your late train refund is a little closer to reality

The proposal to refund fares of very late metro trains got a little closer to reality yesterday: now the full board will consider the proposal. If enacted, riders whose trains are more than 15 minutes delayed would be refunded their fares.  (Michael Nierbauer / Business Journal)

DC’s many protests show no sign of slowing in 2018

You may have noticed: there were a lot of protests in DC this year. Donald Trump's election has spurred even more protests than presidents past, and local grassroots organizations are hunkering down for more activism this year.  (Matt Cohen / City Paper)

A bitter property fight in Congress Heights stays contentious

Three Congress Heights properties were transferred from their previous owners to a development company. The previous owners had stopped doing repairs, forcing residents out and attracting a lawsuit from remaining tenants.  (Andrew Giambrone / City Paper)

DC may fix the lack of public restrooms downtown

DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau introduced a bill that would support the creation of 10 public bathrooms in the city. Currently there are only three 24-hour public bathrooms, which advocates say unfairly affects homeless residents.  (Ally Schweitzer / WAMU)

United Medical Center’s closed obstetrics ward is still raising questions

A consultant for United Medical Center recommended shutting down the obstetrics ward a day before DC's Department of Health and Human Services ordered the ward closed. The timeline raises new questions about what the hospital knew.  (Peter Jamison / Post)

New York City is divesting from fossil fuel companies

New York City will divest its pension funds from fossil fuel companies to combat climate change. The move will take the $5 billion retirement fund currently invested in the fossil fuel industry and shift it to other companies.  (Sarah Holder / City Lab)

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