Breakfast links: 1991’s Ferguson in DC


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Is Mt. Pleasant Ferguson?: Former Mayor Sharon Pratt compared the 1991 Mt. Pleasant riots to the current situation in Ferguson, Missouri. In that case, a police offer shot a man who had been drinking in public, and days of unrest followed. (WAMU)

The circle of opposition: Some residents of Westover Place, a development near American University, are opposed to a new "east campus" dorm. Westover Place itself, ironically, was originally opposed by Wesley Heights residents. (City Paper)

No cars on new Portland bridge: A new bridge in Portland, due to open in 2015, will carry no private automobiles. The bridge will carry MAX light rail trains, Portland's streetcars, city buses, and have pedestrian and bike travel lanes. (CityLab)

FHA delays CSX tunnel decision: The Federal Highway Administration is further delaying a decision on the Virginia Avenue CSX tunnel. At the earliest, a decision will be made September 15th. (Post)

Revitalization starts with Whole Foods: There's a new Whole Foods in downtown Columbia. The new grocery store is a first step into redeveloping Columbia's Town Center, an ongoing project. (Baltimore Sun)

Eden Center tenants sue landlord: Tenants at the famed Eden Center in Falls Church have sued their landlord over conditions at the shopping center. Shop owners complain of leaking walls, sewage backups, trash problems, potholes, and high rents. (Post)

Minimum service standards needed: Yonah Freemark argues that transit agencies nationwide are opening rail lines with service that isn't frequent enough. Many lines offer only two or three trains per hour at off peak times. (Transport Politic)

And...: Some Silver Line riders are giving mixed reviews for their new commutes. (WAMU) ... WMATA will have to pay the Federal Government $4.2 million because it awarded a contract non-competitively. (WBJ) ... Same-sex marriage was going to be legal in Virginia as of this morning, but the Supreme Court delayed the decision. (WTOP)

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